Liberal politicians in Washington are
attempting to hold GI Bill tuition
assistance hostage.
It’s Outrageous.
It Dishonors our Veterans.

Stop the Sneak Attack

The proposed 90/10 change has nothing to do with COVID relief.
Capitol Hill Democrats want to:

  • Diminish Veterans’ Earned Benefits – Veterans and service members put their lives on the line for our nation, and in so doing, have earned benefits like the GI Bill and DOD Tuition Assistance, which stand in sharp contrast to entitlements like Pell Grants for low-income Americans. It is shameful to ignore this huge difference.
  • Limit Veterans’ College Choices – Changing 90/10 will limit veterans’ choices by forcing many colleges to refuse enrollment to veterans and service members. We should not praise the commitment of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines to serve and then disparage their college choice. We don’t tell veterans where they can use VA home loans to purchase a house and shouldn’t dictate where they can get a degree.

The simple fact is that Democrats are using the cover of the COVID crisis to attack some schools and demand they attend others.

Tell them not to touch veterans’ benefits and let the individual veterans decide.


Take Action and Stand Up For America’s Veterans




Veterans for Education Choice

is a project of

Higher Education is Key to Veterans
Advancing in the Workplace

Every year THOUSANDS of America’s veterans return to school, seeking a college degree to advance their career. Very few would have the opportunity to do so without GI Bill funding that they earned through service to our nation.

But liberal politicians in Washington are now pressuring the Veterans Administration to disqualify dozens of non-profit and for-profit private colleges from accepting GI Bill tuition assistance. 

This is a direct assault on the future hopes and dreams of Veterans.

Some colleges don’t conform to the ivory tower education establishment, in fact in many ways they pose a direct threat. These are the schools the Democrats want to shut down.

For years liberal politicians have been trying to shut down career-focused private colleges. These are the schools that concentrate heavily on providing students up-to-date job skills in high-demand industries. These jobs include IT, nursing, lab technicians, mechanics, computer networking, cyber security, construction, and numerous other fields with a high demand for workers.

The liberals are pushing a false campaign that attempts to paint these schools as fundamentally inferior and indifferent about student welfare. They could not be more wrong, and they know it.


  • Private career-focused schools remain an extremely popular college option – especially with veterans – filling an important need in higher education for adult learners and people with families
  • Because they focus on job training and career-oriented skills, non-traditional schools graduate students faster, at a lower cost, and are frequently superior to traditional schools in their focus on job placement, often approaching 100% in key fields
  • Traditional universities have failed to keep up with modern innovations, such as online learning, flexible schedules, rolling admissions, credit for work experience, and tailor-made curricula for individualized attention

If the Democrat agenda succeeds, THOUSANDS of U.S. veterans who want to earn a college degree will be left out in the cold, unable to attend the school that best suits their needs, and fits their schedule.


Help SPREAD THE TRUTH by supporting Veterans for Education Choice. Together we can  preserve and defend education choice and career opportunities for America’s Veterans!  

Military Leaders Speak Out in Support of Veterans for Education Choice

Captain Kenny Golden, U.S. Navy (ret)


“Politicians are attacking the very career-focused colleges that have helped thousands of U.S. veterans earn a degree, learn a new skill, and take their careers to a new level. Veterans have earned the right to pursue the education choice that’s right for them, no politician has the right to take that away.”

Chief Petty Officer Jarome Bell, U.S. Navy (ret)  

“As a retired naval chief petty officer who spent 27 years teaching leadership skills to help prepare thousands of young men and women for their future, I am outraged that career politicians are brazenly working to steal educational and career opportunities from the courageous men and women who wear the uniform of our nation.”

LtCol Bill Card, USMC (ret)


“Higher education is the ticket for our veterans to learn new skills to take on a new career, and earn new opportunities. It should not be politicized as an issue that pits one group against another. Leaving education choices to Vets and their families is fair and right.”